Sunday, 4 September 2011

Unprecedented discontent - 12 more registered for change

Today was spent concentrating on the final moments of the voter registration campaign. I can advise that a further 12 people have been added to the electoral roll. They range from senior executives in Finance to those just about surviving on social security. It also includes one unemployed woman, redundant 18 months ago and unable to find work.

The mood on the street is somber. There will be votes for change.

05.09.2011 Make that 14!  As I went round the corner to the papershop in Roseville Street, I suddenly remembered that two neighbours had expressed and interest to be registered and that I had left them a voter registration form which they would complete and I collect. I rushed round at ten minutes to nine, hoping to catch them before they went to work. They had gone. However, they had left the completed form with a son and grandfather awaiting my collection! The form will be delivered to the Town Hall this morning before Noon, the cut off time.

It was a close call, but two more will be votining for that change, both safely registered by me.

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