Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sir Philip “CROMWELL” – takes the stage

On the way to re-establishing a Feudal Bailiwick with Sir Philip as its Crown Prince, there will be an election. Last night was the first Senatorial Hustings.

Senatorial Candidate David Richardson described Sir Philip Bailhache as a “Cromwell” – our Man of Men. He was perceptive. The ever timid ruling class in this island is frightened by the unprecedented discontent boiling on the streets and want a saviour. Step in the New Leader, former Old Leader, in a new democratic style.

It is clear from the JEP of tonight, with its front page photograph of Sir Philip, who they are backing. This is no surprise. They want him for Chief Minister. Philip Ozouf can go fry in the ruins of Lime Grove House, sidelined to a future of ignominy.

Likening Sir Philip to an English historical personality may not be to his taste, given his ambiguous loyalty to the British State. More apposite and appealing might be a comparison with France’s Bonaparte or his nephew Louis Napoleon, Napoleon III, especially if long lost Norman roots could be discovered.

Louis Napoleon came to power in a military coup d’etat following a democratic election in which he became President of a republic. He remained there ruling autocratically and crushing the French Left until the Prussians beat him at Sedan (1870). This “man on horseback” has been a recurring theme in French history, as evidenced by De Gaulle. He gave the necessary leadership to the French Bourgeoisie to begin a new period of economic expansion.  

Confidence is low on the Jersey Establishment side. Faced by economic and political challenges of the most unprecedented order since the end of the Second World War, there is a sense of crisis and a lack of clear leadership. Step in Sir Philip the New Saviour.

Bailhache’s reactionary talk is wrapped in pseudo progressive and reform language. Whatever he says he means the opposite. He talks of Reform, but does not mean the Clothier or Carswell reports, both of which he has publicly rejected. Instead he means reducing the number of States Member by a few, but not Constables. If the States are held in disrespect it is because he and the the Council of Ministers have created the situation. How can anyone with any sense of credibility believe such kant? 

Those who vote for the Establishment do so for good reason, to protect property and privilege, but do us a favour Sir Philip and put it in a cogent intellectual framework. Stop pulling the wool over the eyes of the People. That of course is precisely what our rulers have been doing for years. And, sadly, many remain gullible.

"Napoléon le Petit" (Victor Hugo)


  1. I suspect the boundaries of the electoral districts will be somewhat odd and designed to keep the Catholics from getting seats.

    (Oops sorry was confusing Jersey with Northern Ireland for a moment it's all that talk of Cromwell).

  2. Gerrymandering will be the watchword of the new electoral commission as its creates new harmonies between inner St Helier and matched parishes like Trinity. Slivers of territory will organically link jolly burghers in the beloved back streets with rich peasants and a benign aristocracy.

    Certainly adherence to the Roman Catholic faith could be made an additional disqualification category. Jews will continue to live under toleration in ghetto parish like St John.

  3. Bailhache's version of 'reform' is designed to keep out the riff-raff, so no doubt we can expect a disproportionate reduction in representation for the Island's urban parishes. Somebody needs to take the fight to Bailhache - hoping you get elected Nick as you're one of the few people on the island's left who are able to properly articulate this.

  4. Perceptive. The historical Parish-Town divide is now rural - urban. This is a spatial reflection of sociological differences. The Rich are in the North and the rest in the urban area. The electoral commission will be all about gerrymandering electoral boundries to eliminate politicians representing the interests of working people.

    It is more than a simple Left-Right divide it is also between libertarians and authoritarians.

  5. I listened to recording of the hustings the other night on my computer. It was with interest that I clicked on to what Mark Forskitt had to say as I know nothing about the man. I was astounded at the rubbish coming out of his mouth, he wont get my vote I thought. Having persevered to the end it was only when I went to switch off the computer that I realised that it was not Mark Forskitt that I had listened to but Philip Bailhache.

    I listened to Mark Forskitt upon realising my mistake and liked what I heard.

  6. There is a remarkable similarity between the speeches of Baillhache and Mugabe.

  7. I think it is more libertarian-authoritarian than left-right these days, everywhere around the world... pick your side Athens or Sparta?

    Your libertarian Senator ticket is Syvret, Le Gresley, Forskitt and (although I add myself) Pearce.

    Use all four votes, keep the authoritarians out!