Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lee - Food Vouchers and Hard Times in St. Helier - Deputy Gorst to comment please?

Lee is a resident of St Helier. He may be a voter in District 1. I emphasise may because there has been an "administrative error" that has denied him the democratic right to vote. It may be because he is young and a working man. The issue is subject to appeal and may end in the Royal Court - someone has blundered. I am fighting for him.

Lee is a carpenter and looking for work. There is very little. I "rang a friend" and asked if there might be some work for Lee. The employer took his details. Hopefully something may transpire - but who knows -  its tough for employers as well!

Clearly government must help. There is no unemployment benefit. The government must create a Winter Work Scheme as was done in the 80's.  The government must start infrastructure programmes - build that £300 million new hospital - spend the money - get the working people back to work. Get the people off Income Support and create jobs. Put carpenters to good use building homes, building hospitals.

All this and Jersey is sitting on £300 Billion in funds and in accounts. Crazy!

Concerned? Not voting? Yes I know "nothing changes in Jersey; all the politicians are the same" Heard it all before. Things are changing. Its getting worse! Workers a loosing their jobs. Work is drying up and all the Establishment can do is say "we need cuts of £65million to the budget". Time4Change. Time for working people to get out into the polling booths and demand change. Make it happen.

I will be out till late every evening arguing with registered voters that they must use that vote. By the way - its FREE.

Today has been very frustrating. I have tried since FRIDAY to get a copy of the electoral role and have been denied same. The reason? The reason is that I REFUSED to sign a form that said I would indemnify the Parish against ERRORS AND OMISSIONS. I am a lawyer. When I see exclusions clauses and attempt to limit liability I smell trouble.  The problem is the COMITE DES CONNETABLES – covering their backs because they know there are serious errors in the electoral roll in ALL parishes.

How many candidates read the form before they signed it? Did Sir Philip sign his or did he, as any good Judge might, just take out his blue pen and strike a line. A bold line through bureaucratic nonsense. I bet a lawyer did not draft the clause to which I objected. Copy and paste?. I learnt early in my career “precedents are good servants but bad masters”,

I got my electoral roll. I did not have to sign a nonsense form. Another candidate in No.1 got his at the same time. He did not realise the trouble I had saved him. He would probably have signed, as will have all the candidates in this election – including those who should know better.

As I wrote “someone has blundered” There will be accountability at these coming elections. I will be on my soap box (correction Claret wine case) in King Street speaking the truth – to those that wish to listen.

As Lee says its not comments we need - its changes!

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  1. Lee might have been badly advised at the Social Security department because a "rent rebate" component under Income Support is payable whether the living accommodation is quals or non quals. It is subject usually to a 5 years residence period in Jersey which he clearly has since he has his quals.
    If for some reason he is not entitled to help with his non-quals rent it would be useful to investigate further and since he is apparently a single person with no family in Jersey there should be no age restriction either. Curious. Do let us know what happens to Lee - he is evidently doing his best.