Friday, 14 March 2014

Children's Mental Health - lots of professionals yet evident failures.

I met Rebecca during the 2011 elections and interviewed her regarding a son with mental health issues. She remains lucid and critical of the services she is receiving. She still has not had a diagnosis for her child but all the signs are there of what she believes is autism.

Several recent suicides of young people has led to Scrutiny  undertaking a reivew of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). I have suggested Rebecca give evidence to the panel, but this has so far not been agreed.

Below is the follow up interview for March 2014 with Rebecca.

Monday, 10 March 2014

REFORM JERSEY - A political party with ambition

Here is the exclusive interview given to Voiceforchildren blog following the election of Sam Mezec and I as Deputies in St Helier District No.1 and No.2 respectively on 5th March 2014.

In the interview we set out our vision of what the political party REFORM JERSEY might be. It will only be possible if the people of Jersey engage and rally to an organisation that has emblazoned on its banner Social Justice and Reform.

The real battle will come in the October 15 General Election - Jersey's first general election when all seats are open to be contested at the same time. The election will most likely be fought under the unreformed Constitution of 1948 with its three categories of States Member - Senator, Deputy and Constable. It’s going to be a messy affair, primarily because the political class has refused to embrace long overdue reforms and create a modern democratic electoral system. They have done so consciously because they fear losing power; they fear the people, who so far have been dulled into a-political indifference over many years.

Clearly this is an historic moment for the island of Jersey. At last the prospect of change is in sight and the agency of that change is REFORM JERSEY. I am honoured and thrilled to participate in this endeavor. Men make their own history but not in circumstances of their own choosing.

Thanks to VFC who has been tirelessly engaged and blogging for progressive politics since 2008.

At last we have a break-through and a brigehead established. The counter attack is sure to come and it will be met.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Deputy Nick Le Cornu, District 1 St Helier – keeping his election promises

During canvassing at La Collette flats in Green Street I fell over on extremely slippery decking outside the low rise flats near the sea. I spoke to the nearby tenants and they indicated their complaints about the danger and a number of falls had not resulted in a permanent solution. The danger remained, so I undertook to resolve the issue once elected.

The decking was power washed on the day after my election and Astro-Turf will be put down.

There is a need for ALL States properties to be subjected to an ACCESS AUDIT by Property Services or some other department using qualified people as soon as possible and the new Housing Association ANDIUM undertake a similar project with all housing units as quickly as possible too. 

A full schedule can then be collated to show what adapted accommodation exists for tenants with disabilities and the States can undertake the long overdue programme of making ALL public buildings accessible to everybody. 

I will also be pressing for a comprehensive Disability Strategy to be prepared – just like that recently agreed in Guernsey with ratification of the UN Convention on the rights of people with Disabilities. 

Thanks to Deputy Green, the Housing Minister, for responding so quickly. We shall monitor further progress as the Astro-Turf is laid and better handrails provided to make this access SAFE!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

TODAY - Please vote LE CORNU & MEZEC in the St Helier by elections WEDNESDAY 5th March

If you live in Districts No.1 and No.2 please give your vote to the REFORM JERSEY candidates NICK LE CORNU and SAM MEZEC.

Only Sam and I can represent the interests of working people who know they are ignored by the poltical class that dominates the States Assembly. If you believe in SOCIAL JUSTICE and in REFORM then these are two good reasons to vote Le Cornu and Mezec.

Voting in District No.1 takes place in the TOWN HALL and in District No.2 at SPRINGFIELD STADIUM 8am to 8pm.

For SOCIAL JUSTICE & REFORM vote Nick Le Cornu for Deputy in District No.1 St Helier

WEDNESDAY 5th March: For SOCIAL JUSTICE & REFORM vote  Nick Le Cornu for Deputy in District No.1 St Helier.

TOWN HALL 8am - 8pm.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Stereoview of Havre des Pas circa 1865

Seaweed lies on the roadway at Have des Pas in this stereoview dating from circa 1865. It reminds me of events a few weeks ago when vast quantities of seaweed were being thrown over the wall by enormous storm waves threatening to block the drains. Where I currently live is just visible albeit the existing house is now demolished. 

Nostalgia is simply just not what it used to be!

Thursday, 27 February 2014


Here is my election leaflet and policies for the Deputy by-election in District No.1 St Helier on 5th March.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hustings speeches - District No.1 St Helier - Town Hall -25th February 2014

The District No.1 St Helier Hustings was fairly lively. It was lively because I made it so, with controversial home truths that many candidates and members of the audience found hard to accept. 

Here is my opening speech:

"Establishment Candidate" in District No.1

This is the point where I identify the "Establishment Candidate" in District No.1. A number of candidates were extremely uncomfortable that another home truth had come out - it showed their deferential and supine politics. Were they ever to be elected one could expect them to defer at all times to authority.

The chair of the meeting was of course wrong to seek to limit my freedom of speech. As a candidate I have the right to come back on issues that need corrected. I think that bravery shows that I will not be a supine lap dog in the States Assembly.

Gordon Forrest is the Establishment candidate precisely because his nomination paper was signed by the Deputy Chief Minister, Senator Paul Routier and was proposed by Advocate Rose Colley, a senior figure in the conservative right of Jersey politics and incipient candidate for Senator in the Autumn General Election. Pointing out these obvious truths did not go down well in a certain quarter of the audience and among certain candidates. Clearly they hit home with vigor. A new brand of politics is born.

This is not a personal attack on Gordon Forrest as some candidates thought; far from it. He was my boss in Emeraude Ferries during a summer job in the long distant past and he commanded respect. It is however a fair comment to make in a political context. Since it is the obvious truth it has to be denied by those that would continue all the mystification and falsification that so befuddles the popular mind and makes change all that more difficult. It is essential we identify our interests and those who represent those of others, however personable.

We must transcend the politics of the personality that domintes so much of political debate and clarify the vested interests and policy issues that lurk beneath.