Friday, 10 October 2014

"If voting changed anything, it would be illegal." - Elections do they matter?

Here are the boys discussing that fundamental question as to whether one should vote. Too many just satisfy themselves with some nice excuse as to why they should not vote. In District No.1 St Helier we know 60% to70% will abstain. This is essentially the working class. Yesterday, in De Quetteville Court, I won one and possible another two votes from the family, from a working class man who had lived in Jersey for 26 years and never voted. He was sitting outside his flat when I engaged him in conversation. I met the usual indifference. I left with the promise of a pre-poll vote. Between the two moments, was a contested debate as to why nothing ever changed in Jersey. I won the argument and left with the assumption I had his vote. He received from me sufficient confidence that his vote made a difference and that he had my respect. I remember his name, but do not need to mention it here. Lisen:

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