Friday, 16 September 2011

Every vote counts!


Yesterday I returned home to discover that my stepson’s postal ballot had arrived at my home. This was surprising because albeit registered here, he is studying in the UK. Upon enquiry he confirmed he had completed the application form so that the ballot should be sent to his current London address.

Having returned the envelope and all contents to the Judicial Greffe this afternoon, I was reassured everything would be sent to the London address.

It seems that an administrative mistake had been made or at least ambiguity caused confusion. Had I been permitted to "assist" my stepson on how to complete the appliction ACCURATELY all would have been well. Unfortunately, had I done so I would have commited a criminal offence and risked a fine, like Deputy Southern, of £10,000. Absurd!


  1. hahaha, Whatever.

    One less vote for Nick more like!

  2. Best of luck on the 19th Nick, no one has worked harder,or can possibly do more to "rough up" the Establishment than yourself!