Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Jersey Polish Community

Today I attended the opening of the Festival in support of the Victoria Crescent Appeal at the Weighbridge Square.

We know there is a great deal of racism against the Polish and Portuguese community. The word "immigrants" is on many lips as I canvass. I have to keep explaining that cheap labour means bigger profits for employers in a casualised labour market. It is easy at a time of economic difficulty to seek easy explanations. The Jews have learnt that lesson the hard way over many centuries as minorities in Eastern Europe, including Poland itself.


  1. Immigrants or migrants!

    The States of Jersey is on the verge of another great debate over immigration.
    Economic factors by themselves should not, but will decide the outcome of this debate.
    The debate will be steered towards the greater good of the ‘big society ‘ rather than the ‘small society’.
    There have been two major shifts in immigration policy in the last 25 years in Jersey first was the abolition of the Work Visas and secondly was the blatant disregard for UK Border Agency rules concerning the employment of EU nationals from Bulgaria and Romania . When Jersey gave up it’s right to control migration by using Work Permits they adopted UK immigration policy. This was all well and good till the fulfilment industry and alike require more lower paid workers, but failed to attracted persons from Poland or Portugal, so Jersey decided to welcome our Bulgarian and Romanian friend in the interest of human exploitation..
    Please read the UK Border agency guidelines for Bulgarian and Romanian entering the UK.
    Because the newest immigrant waves start out at such an economic disadvantage, and because the rate of economic assimilation is not very rapid, the earnings of the newest arrivals may never reach parity with the earnings of locals.
    Whose Interests Will Immigration Serve?

  2. What a pity the trade unions do not seek to unionise immigrant labour and that way improve conditions for all.

    How about increasing the minimum wage?

    Interestingly we have a candidate in No.1 who has a direct interest in the exploitation of immigrant labour. Zero hour contracts - say no more.

  3. While fighting discrimination in the Jersey workplace the unions face many challenges. The Trade Unions in Jersey they have been dramatically dealt a cruel blow by Thatcherite Tory policies that decreased our ability to fight discrimination in Jersey. The refusal of the Government to introduce Anti-discrimination and disability Laws have aided the ‘big society’ fat cats and reinter class. Unions are limited in practical terms by the restrictions which are articulated through local legislations or by employer attitudes.

    Many issues have been identified that directly or indirectly discriminate all workers, these are respective of a workers sex, race, colour, religion, political opinion, national or social origin, age, sexual orientation and disability.

    Then Union could do more by the greater recruitment of under-represented groups into union membership and leadership. This will create a more inclusive Trade Union and better equipped union to fight the constant erosion of workers’ rights.

  4. I don't know why some people didn't understand the part of the legal immigrants. And also, I don't know why some people want to enter to a country illegally. Lack of money? I don't think that it can be a reason.