Thursday, 8 September 2011

“Raise the Banner” in Solidarity

First up with their banner on Green Street roundabout (next to Philip Ozouf House –aka Lime Grove House) was Deputy Trevor Pitman. I spotted the railings which had been left by public services at ten to ten this morning, but had to attend a Scrutiny meeting on Lime Grove House, so did not have time to get there first.

Being able to get it up is essential, as we all know. My banner went up at 1pm. It cost me £40 as I had forgotten (chanced it?) to put up my pay card. Suki Blyat!

I am glad that Trevor and I are doing it in tandem.

As I struggled to twist Wehrmacht surplus wire around railings, there arrived two rough handed fellows, paid each a shilling, to put up the anemic A4 posters of Mrs O’Keefe Burgher (Uniform Black and White Establishment  Party Colours) next to Trevor’s monster. They were actually very polite and asked me if it was OK to put them up. Naturally I consented.

Incidentally, we need more railings asap so that the entire roundabout can be encircled.

I chatted to the parking attendant who booked me and tried to get her to vote. She lives in No.3 St Helier and I mentioned a few names of candidates sympathetic to the people’s cause. As a manual worker she is a member of Unite the Union. Naturally she will not be voting.

Why do I say naturally she won’t be voting? Well, because voter abstention is very high amongst the working people in St. Helier. She hates the States Members and hates reading the JEP. Such admirable sentiment is not enough to get her voting, try as I might to win her to the side of the Angels.

I did enquire if the Union provided any political education. You know the answer. Ah well, I shall add that to the ever growing post election “to do” list (win or loose).


  1. Is your £40 fine an electioneering expense?
    Better declare it.
    Also you have a phantom video on this blog below your picture.

  2. Each candidate has £2,153.28 in election expenses. That means I can incur approximately 53 parking fines.

    Tomorrow, I shall nip round the corner and buy a new book of pay cards.

  3. Last night my banner was "blown down" and ended up in the roadway at Green Street roundabout. It is possible, we did have high winds.

    I got a call from the Police this morning to say it had been retrieved and left on its side back on the grass.

    Another possibility is that the drunks may have kicked it over last night on their inebriated way home. I quipped with the Police Officer that if Lime Grove House had become their Police Station, then there would have been lots of CCTV around the building to catch the culprits. He appreciated the humour but circumspectly did not reply.

    This morning at 9am, it appears the banner has been erected again, in a much more secure triangular formation. I imagine this has been done by Public Services as they used plastic ties. I think that because someone removed all the steel securing wire, including that which would otherwise have been left on the floor had vandals simply cut it loose with wire cutters. Why do I know that? Because Public Services employees who cut the grass there hate getting wire in their mowers and strimmers.

    Thanks to all including the Police for the rescue and call. We still need more railings, for both Deputies and I am sure for a few Senators.

    As a note to other candidates using wire, please ensure the cut ends are not discarded on the grass – those that do the real work around there don’t like it.