Friday, 9 September 2011

Blogging in official circles

The Treasury Department read my blog. I am flattered. I hope it becomes essential reading over the first cup of coffee as officials enter the office, together with that of Richard Murphy.

I know they read my blog because John Richardson, CEO of the Treasury alluded to it. Ok, it was indirectly. In an earlier part of my reports on the Corporate Services Scrutiny sub panel inquiry into the abortive purchase of Lime Grove House as a Police Station, I erroneously referred to John Richardson having said he “phoned a friend” in Canada to take advice on the commercial property market, I was wrong. I confused my notes. It was someone else.

Yesterday, John Richardson, addressed the sub-panel to correct this erroneous attribution. The Chairman, Panel members and Scrutiny clerks looked blank. As far as the Chair was concerned this had never been said. She was correct. That little bit of information could only have come from this blog, since it was only on here that it was written. I sincerely apologise to anyone embarrassed by my error.

Yesterday, there were two important witnesses before scrutiny, Richard Law and Senator Philip Ozouf with his Treasury team.

More later as we assess the implications. Needless to say it got very heated, as the Treasury Minister sought to defend his action.

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  1. If Ozouf was overheated yesterday he was surely holed below the water-line today - just like the States tug.
    Hope he and his acting States CEO have the sense to jump before the boat goes down.
    Looks like a one man competition now for the Chief Minister's job - who will you be backing Deputy Le Cornu?