Monday, 12 September 2011

Not just a pretty face - "Fresh and Deep"

"Fresh and Deep" is how my wife spontaneously described my photograph in the JEP coverage of the Deputies standing in District No.1 St Helier in tonight’s edition.

I say "coverage" because it was merely a photograph with a list of Proposer and Seconders. 

Let's hope the electorate reading their favourite local newspaper can concur that Mr Le Cornu is indeed a thoughtful and capable person - more to the man than a practiced PR smile. We would not wish conclusions to be made based on style rather than content. No superficial judgments surely.

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  1. St Helier no. 1 certainy needs a new and fresh face. I voted for Deputy Paul le Clair in 2008, hoping that he would be a strong voice for the ordinary residents of St Helier and the island. He has sometimes spoken up for us, but I have been disappointed with his voting record. Once too many he has voted with the Counciil of Ministers and I am not sure if I can trust any politicians any more. What makes you think that I can trust you, Mr Le Cornu?