Saturday, 1 February 2014

Heros of our tides - Barricades in Roseville Street

Barricades were being thrown up in Roseville Street at Havre Des Pas to await the assault. No it wasn't the beginning of the St Helier Commune, or prelude to uprising by the popular classes, rather Parish workers trying to keep drains free as waves and seaweed washed over the sea wall on an extremely high tide.
Heros of our Tides - workers man the barricades in Roseville Street


  1. that,s what there paid to do

    1. They turn out when you are safely tucked up in bed with you golly

    2. Hero is a word which seems all too freely thrown about these days, the actual definition being "a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities".

      If you can explain to me the bravery involved in being paid a very good hourly wage to lay a few sand bags across the bottom of Roseville Street after dark I'll take your point into consideration.

    3. “ Holidays for Heros” perhaps?

      I will tell that to Tony (he is the one with the brush). I am sure he will concur with your sentiment. His son is serving in Afghanistan, on your orders, to keep you and your property safe.

      Incidentally, he will be erecting the voting booths at 7am in the Town Hall so that you get the right to cast a vote. No doubt you will despise him for that as well.

      All in all, it will be one more reason why he says he is voting for me on 5th March. I don’t despise workers.

  2. good effort. Well done to all invilved and I hope everyone will be safe in their responsibilities. There has been an awful lot of water recently.