Wednesday, 5 February 2014

SOLIDARITY - NICK LE CORNU – Candidate for Deputy District No.1 St Helier – NOMINATION – John McNichol Proposer

A great proposer capable of delivering the message is a vital lift to any candidate. In John McNichol I found a perfect speaker and someone who spoke from their heart as a trade union member and activist in the Nurses branch of Unite the Union. 

John spoke out of conviction, convinced that my election as Deputy for our District of St Helier would make a difference to the lives of its working people.

John was the first on his feet and first to the podium to launch my campaign for Deputy. 

Immediately after delivering his speech, John returned to work caring for those most in need at St Saviour's Hospital .

Well done John and many, many thanks to all those who signed my nomination paper for their support and solidarity.

Here is that proposer’s speech delivered at the Town Hall Nomination meeting last night at 7.30pm.

Special thanks to Stewart and Impact Video for all the hard work last night, in the past and to come.

Proposer:        JOHN  MCNICHOL
Seconders:      DAVID DORGAN
                           EDWARD MCCANDLISH  MCGARRAGLE
                           WILLIAM  ALFRED  GAW
                           BERYL  CROZIER
                           SONYA  ROSEMARY THRUSH
                           DAVID EVES
                           GINO RISOLI
                           SANDRA DICKINSON
                                    MALCOLM MOTIE


  1. Good luck Nick- I hope you win. Regret I don't live in St. Helier so can't vote but will speak up for you in any election conversation I may be party to.

  2. Good luck Mr. Le Cornu my family will be voting for you on the strength you are the only candidate who will represent the rights of women. Women's issues are so under represented and it's encouraging news a man will take up the gauntlet.

    1. Another candidate purports to be taking up the issue of women's rights. This is excellent as the issues should be aired and put top of the agenda. This may force the other candidates to up their game.

      I am not sure if any attended the Advancing Women in Jersey conference last October. Sam Mezec and I were there, but the compare consistently ignored us when we sought to speak . Eventually one women did say what we intended to say namely that the present government has no desire or will to change much and is gravely to blame.

      At least we are setting the agenda.

  3. Thank you for posting this as I have not seen the nomination speeches anywhere else and you will be receiving my vote on this basis and your representation of women which coming from a man tells me you are a modern man with a modern outlook. Just what jersey needs.

  4. Having read the candidate biographies in last night's Jersey Evening Post one thing leapt out at me.

    Not a single candidate mentioned any concern with issues specific to the District, not a single candidate mentioned having any specific interest in the District.

    Tell me why, as a resident of District 1, I should bother to vote for any of you.

  5. It might be worth mentioning that only one candidate actually lives in the District - myself.

    I have blogged on the issue of "Back Door Boys" - ( ). St Helier has suffered from electing candidates with little or no previous involvement in either local politics or the community which suddenly they presume to represent.

    The social and economic interests of those that live in the District are the ones that are paramount. The "issues specific to the District" are ones common to working people throughout Jersey, namely unemployment, zero hour contracts, falling wages, rising prices, expensive and poor quality housing...need I go on?

    1. To clarify, "Issues specific to the district" are issues uniquely relating to residents within the boundaries of that district alone. Not issues relevant to the majority of the populace which may happen to also include residents of said district.

    2. The docks and piers are derelict. Elsewhere the wharfs are where restaurants flourish.The charming La Folie pub lies abandoned.

      The citadel of Fort Regent is also underutilised. This is huge "Town Park" in the sky. Were there easy access from say Snow Hill via a glass lift, then office workers would go there to unwind during lunch hour. This would generate cafes and other activities.

      Needlees to say the Gang want to sell it off to the highest bidder. They would demolish it, sell the granite and build "luxury" flats.

  6. Unfortunately virtually all the problems that need reform occur in St Helier. So Residents of areas such as District 1 must deal with potential law and order issues that never feature in the country parishes. Traffic, car parking, housing accommodation, polluted air, industrial noises and heavy vehicles, drunks and party goers at 3 am singing their heads off and so much more not to mention the huge redevelopment schemes that are taking place or planned - well it all happens in St Helier. So that any candidate standing in an election - never mind a by-election - has a mammoth and unrealistic task to present a manifesto that does more than tick just some of the St Helier boxes. A comprehensive manifesto if attempted would of course lose any interest from the average voter who usually has just a few matters of immediate concern such as finding an affordable nursery or school for the children or somewhre to live. So far you and Sam seem to be presenting a very realistic programme before the electorates of Districts 1 and 2. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you for those astute observations. It is always difficult to deliver complex issues to voters in a way they can comprehend. There is so much mystification by government and the local media that issues are not understood or deliberately obscured, lest the truth be known. I and Sam Mezec are trying.

  7. "Complex issues to voters in a way they understand" So patronising yet again.

    1. Sorry mister anonymous but you cant even quote right ... maybe start believe something can be changed about this island ... and Mr Le Cornu is the man that can do it .

  8. I wish you all the best in your election campaign, that is the first hurdle. If you should be elected then your battle will really commence, as I'm afraid the odds are stacked against anyone who tries to bring justice and fairness to this morally sick Jersey.

    It is time for the UK government to step in and sort the whole political/law apparatus. The crown is ultimately responsible for good governance.

    Read some of Trevor Pitman's comments on his blog, he has hit the nail on the head. Until one gets rid of the foot stamping shite in the States assembly I don't see much hope for Jersey, especially the normal working folk.

    Of course there are many facets to the political solutions, but a cover-up states and a failed judicial system are a must to be sorted out if Jersey is to function as a modern democratic state.

    The finance industry is a total international disgrace and must be brought to book. As it is, countries in the world are fed up with places like Jersey who launder money for the rich and powerful at the expense of the ordinary folk of this world. What this industry pays in tax to Jersey is peanuts to the accumulated wealth that passaes through these institutions.

    I live now in France, it's not perfect by any means, but the majority are more socialist minded in their political views. Europe is a mess, as is the rest of the world with ponzi fiat currency, and Jersey isn't divorced from it because of being in the global circuit.
    I could write one hell of a lot more, but suffice to say enough for now.

    Again I wish all the best in sticking your head above the parapet, that takes courage which I'm afraid many, alas, Jersey people are too brainwashed of simply don't care, can't, or won't see the wood for the trees. But, it will come home to roost in the near future, then it might be too late. Jersey is already in financial trouble, wait till more jobs disappear and negative equity starts to bite, they may then well wished to have voted against the oligarchy.

  9. As I said before - good luck and keep up the door-knocking.