Monday, 24 February 2014

PRE-POLE OR PRE POLL? All nationalities welcome to vote at St Paul's Gate, Dumaresq Street

PRE-POLE? At 9am this moring voters were shocked to discover that only those from a certain East European country were being invited to vote in District 1 and 2 St Helier by-elections.

No doubt the anti-immigrant candidates in District No.1 would have been waving their UKIP banners and shouting this was some sort of favouritism, had they bothered to appear for the opening at 9am of pre-polling at St Paul's Centre, Dumaresq Street. In fact it was just a typographical error by a sign writer.

"Pre-Pole" was written on the sign to the amusement of those with good spelling. What was intended was clearly Pre-Poll. Even Paul,Le Claire, the candidate with challenged punctuation, would have got that one correct.

The error was quickly addressed and voters proceeded to vote, albeit dazed and shocked by the experience of mis-spelling.

Three voters voted in the first hour of pre-polling, none of them Polish or Slav to my knowledge. That said, I did manage to remind a Russian woman living close by to give me her vote. She said she would do so as soon as she was dressed and ready to go out.


  1. Trevor Pitman has given you one hell of an endorsement on his blog.

  2. You will never get elected as the voters of St. Helier 1 well know you are a rampant left wing socialist, give it all away merchant to those who do not work just like you, good job for you that Daddy has paid your rent and bills for years you lazy individual, try living in the real world of paying your taxes to see them being mis-spent by fools like you.

    1. Oh dear, you are an angry spiteful person living in some far distant Cold War past. Fairly typical of my opponents and that is why I have published your comment. You prefer to hide in anonymity because you are a coward. I do not respect you or your misinformed views

      If I am elected on 5th March it will be because the working people of District No.1 understand that I, and only I, amongst the candidates, can represent their social and economic interests. It’s a struggle for democracy. You are part of the problem and at some point you will realise that and fall silent.