Saturday, 22 February 2014

Christianity and the challenge of Social Justice

Here is my closing speech held at CHOW on Wednesday. All candidates for Deputy in St Helier District No1 and No2 were asked to explain why a group of Christians should vote for them, assuming they were voters so entitled.

I am a regular attendee at Church House on Wednesday where bread is broken and food eaten in a spirit of friendship. I am not a Christian, but as I explain there is a clear link between my own beliefs in social justice and the challenge Christians face if they are to give their faith meaning in contemporary society. In other words I would say back to them, to be a Christian is to engage in making a better society and that may mean sacrifice and uncomfortable interaction with authority. Our paths lead in the same direction.

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  1. You were the best candidate on the radio this morning Nick. Maureen Morgan who has always got something to say when cyber bullying people all over the internet was very quiet.