Tuesday, 28 January 2014

NICK LE CORNU declares as candidate for St Helier No.1 By-Election

"Something is impossible until it is inevitable" Gramsci

It won't be a surprise to many that I shall be standing as a candidate in the by-election for Deputy in District No.1 where I live.

Here is the press release that went out to the media today.


 28TH JANUARY 2014

Candidate for St Helier No.1 By-Election

                 ‘Social reform campaigner to stand for Deputy’

Havre des Pas resident Nick Le Cornu is standing for election for Deputy in St Helier No 1 district

A qualified English Solicitor, Nick has practiced commercial law and litigation in the City of London and is currently assisting Union members and others with Jersey employment issues.

He is Secretary of the Jersey Human Rights Group campaigning on equality and anti-discrimination measures. 

‘Social and Political reforms are now urgently needed,’ says Nick Le Cornu.

His priorities are:

-          To improve the quality and affordability of private and social rented accommodation.
-          To implement statutory maternity and paternity leave.
-          To oppose any suggestion of an increase in GST.
-          The fight for a true ‘living wage’.
-          End the abuse of zero-hour contracts.
-          Investing in Fort Regent, with improved access from Snow Hill – this is vital.
-          Managing population growth.
-          Fair electoral representation for St Helier.

For more information contact:

Nick Le Cornu

Mobile            07797 740886


  1. Well done, Mr Le Cornu. Clear and to the point. All good policies. I just hope the other candidates can be pinned down on their stance on issues of GST, maternity leave and reform, to name a few. Many make bland, generic statements, but these issues you highlight separate the sheep from the goats.

  2. Do you think it's crazy that thousands of people live only a mile (or less) from this district and wouldn't be able to vote for you? Do districts make sense at all in such a small island?

  3. This constituency has 5000 electors and probably 6000 eligible to vote. The principles of the Venice Commission are that constituencies should be of equal size, with only a 5%t to 10% margin of variation.

    St Helier and the other urban areas are not represented equally. County districts are over represented politically. This is a historical legacy and one with geographic- sociological importance. The politicians of the right that run the show do not want to recognise the fact of inequality – it is their power base in a gerrymandered electoral system they are incapable of reforming.

    If we are going to have constituencies or "wards" to use the English phrase, then make them equal. In Bermuda the Bermuda Labour Party did that when it finally came to power; aligning streets into units with equal population, each electing one member to the legislature.

  4. Could you provide a link to copies of employment tribunal judgments where you are named as representative counsel for any parties ?


    1. Yes, when the Tribunal gets round to putting them up! There appears to be a considerable delay, often as much as six months. Many judgments seem never to appear.

      For example the Polish KP who was about to be dismissed for being pregnant by Randalls Brewery, mentioned in the autumn of last year on this blog, has yet to appear. Missing in Action?

      The Tribunal provide a judment within a few days and a written judgment within four weeks in line with their service delivery policy. The case where I appeared last week should be available by the end of February. We lost, but it was not for want of trying. As Brecht said - "You may fight and loose, but if you never fight, you have lost already."

      Incidentally, the public only know about forthcoming cases because I complained and a notice now appears on the door of the Tribunal (above Anne Summers, Bath Street, in case you have never been). The Greffe have a project in hand to go on line, but no details are available as to when. Perhaps you could use your influence to help?

  5. I really hope that the voters have the sense to vote for you.
    Never mind the district that you are in the island needs you.
    So please voters get out there and vote for Nick Le Cornu if you want to have a say on how this island should be helping the people before looking after the rich which they are more than capable of looking after themselves. Get men & women in the states that will fight for you. You need Nick Le Cornu on your side.

  6. Save our Ronez Point!31 January 2014 at 10:05

    The karters are trying to steal Ronez Point again - see JEP p13 23-1-14.

    Not all that long ago there was public protest about the kart club trying to seize public land for their own use, extinguishing a much loved and widely used main road with the best views on the north coast. After a meeting in St. John's parish hall, it appeared that the club had got the message and withdrawn their takeover attempt.

    All of a sudden out of nowhere we now read in the JEP of an attempted fait accompli, a headline "Karters on track for a home of their own" - as the Royal Court is set to decide the matter on 25th February! This is being railroaded through by Asst Treasury Minister Eddie Noel, supported by Senator Sarah Fergusson who asked a question about this in the States. If it wasn't for her question and the JEP report, the public wouldn't even know about this attempt to steal our land! St. John Constable Phil Rondel seems quite happy to allow this if his parishioners agree, but it appears that the rest of us islanders cannot have any say in the matter! The road will be officially extinguished and we will lose the right to enjoy the magnificent views from the fine vantage point, unless the people act now to save Ronez Point before it's too late!

    Will somebody PLEASE protect our public land from these selfish landgrabbers?

  7. Be careful you don't get cyber bullied to death by Maureen Morgan and good luck Nick.