Thursday, 11 August 2011

Voter Registration success in St Helier No1 – 13% increase since 2010


The numbers registered to vote in St Helier No1 District has increase by around 13% over 2010.

There is still a further 25 days to register to vote in the elections on 19th October. The numbers registered to vote as at today’s date is 4912. This is an increase of 588 over the 4324 registered at the time of last years’ Senatorial by-election.

Much of this success must be attributed to the assiduous hard work of the Town Hall team involved in compiling the roll.  There needs to be an Electoral Officer for the whole island dedicated to ensuring the highest level of registration through advertising campaigns and active intervention on foot in large estates and evident "black spots".
Election years always see a higher level of registration over non election years and last year was one of those – the by-election being unpredictable. Part of the increase may be attributed to new blocks of flats built and occupied since last year, including Castle Quay, on the Waterfront and St Saviours Place, in St Saviours Road. Ironically these remain heavily unregistered. I shall be addressing this in the next few weeks with personal visits to encourage registration.

Overall this is a promising level of registration. I also predict a significant increase in voter turnout from the stagnant 25% of time immemorial. I attribute this to the deterioration of the economy, increase in prices and continued mismanagement by the Ozouf/Le Sueur/Cohen government. If the electorate could turf them out, they would.


  1. Rico,

    Thanks. I will be there. I urge others to attend the Scrutiny meetings on Tuesday 3pm and Wednesday 11am.


  2. planetjersey is compiling a quick reference section entitled "Voting by Politicans, a quick reference". It is a good way of finding out the loyalties of politicians who give one view to the public and then vote with their friends in the States.

    GST,Incinerator, cheap sell off of Girls College, who said yes and who said no ?