Sunday, 14 August 2011

Voter abstention can only be addressed with political engagement.

High levels of voter abstention can only be addressed with political engagement. Likewise with voter registration.

This week saw a well intentioned but rather anemic government sponsored voter registration campaign out in King Street. The result was pathetic.

The voter registration team in St Helier No.1 supporting Nick Le Cornu has been targeting specific areas of low registration. Increased registration has been achieved the hard way; by knocking on the doors of the unregistered and winning the argument for voting. Only this direct action is capable of reversing political disengagement.

People want something positive to believe in; their politicians have let them down and they have now lost faith. Regaining that confidence means convincing potential voters that there is a candidate worthy of their trust. – a politician that candidly states they will represent the social and economic interest of working people in the States. That candidate they now realise in NICK LE CORNU.

Below is the latest mobilizing leaflet in the campaign for voter registration. Once identified as an unregistered address, the occupiers are contacted directly. If personal contact is not possible the following warning letter is left for their attention, together with a voter registration form and leaflet explaining why and where to vote.

That campaign is now top priority for the team and will continue up to Noon on Monday 5th September, the cut off date for registration.


Atenção! Uwaga! Atenţi! Внимание!


This address is currently unregistered for electoral purposes. Your right to vote in the 19th October General Election will be lost unless you complete a VOTER REGISTRATION FORM and return it to the Town Hall by 5th September.     

There is no obligation to vote.

However, Article 7, Public Elections (Jersey) Law 2002 imposes a duty on a person entitled to have his or her name included on the electoral register, to apply for registration.

You are entitled to be registered, regardless of Nationality or Citizenship if:

1.     you are at least 16 years of age; AND
2.     ordinarily resident at your current address; AND
3.     EITHER (a) ordinarily resident in Jersey for a period of 2 years OR (b) ordinarily resident in Jersey for a period of at least six months, as well as having been ordinarily resident in Jersey at any time for an additional period (s), that total, at least 5 years. 


Issued by NICK LE CORNU - CANDIDATE FOR DEPUTY – St Helier District No.1.  Election 19th October 2011. Vote at the TOWN HALL or PRE-POLL at St Pauls Gate, New Street (19th September – 17th October).

CONTACT: Home address: 23 Havre des Pas, Flat 4, St Helier;   Blogsite:


  1. I want to vote but havent sent the form off yet, plenty of time as its just a matter of popping it in the post. There is one thing putting me off doing it though and that is that I will then be added to the jury service list.

    I know there are a lot of people who would find Jury service interesting as I know people who have done it but it does not interest me in the least. In fact, I find it quite disturbing that by registering to vote I put myself into a position where I may have to do something I do not want to do but would have no option unless I can think of a cast iron excuse.

    That said, everone hs to pay rates so why doesnt everyone get put on the register instead of penalising only those who want to vote. I doubt I am alone in thinking this.

  2. Anonymous,

    Why would you not wish to serve as a Juror? Does this mean you have no respect for the Jury system of Justice? This fundamental of British justice was only introduce into Jersey after a major political campaign in the 19th century; something about which you are probably indifferent.

    You say everyone has to pay rates. Yes, that means there has to be social responsibility. That same principle applies to Jury Service. It may be inconvenient to serve as a Juror but others regard it as a civic duty. I assume you do not like such responsibilities?

    I suggest you get that Voter Registration Form in the post, or better still take it to the Parish Hall today and stop shirking your responsibilities.

  3. Ok, I understand your response and form has already been sent as it happens as I do realise my duty as a member of society. I do respect the Jury system and am not indifferent about it at all.

    My main problem with Jury duty is that I have an extremely low level of concentration when it comes to listening to people talk. Even if it is something I completely agree with I cannot last more than around 15 minutes before I switch off or at the very worst then struggle to keep awake. It is extremely embarassing and thats why I didnt mention it and tried my best to beat around the bush.

    I have learned to live with it but it is a slight worry for me if i were to be put on a jury knowing full well I would be unable to concentrate or listen for very long that I would end up in contempt of court or being a waste of everyones time.

    So there you have it, thats the truth, I apologise for jumping on the back of why some other people dont vote to get my answer but I didnt want to come out and say it.

    I am in no doubt you probably think I am talking a load of rubbish and making an excuse but I cant do more than say what I have and promise you that is the upmost truth of the matter.

    That said, I am voting so will deal with anything else if and when the time comes.

  4. @Anonymous:

    The rates list includes rate payers who do not live in Jersey (my wife used to be one), or who are companies rather than individuals. What you are suggesting would not actually work.

    I'm with Nick on this: Jury service is not a convenient thing, but it is part of the contract, and if it means I get a vote I'm prepared to do it.

  5. Remember you can always ring the town hall and find out if you are definitely registered. Tel 811811 or send an email request to:

    I am coming across a number of married couples and only one is registered, probably because the one who is, registered when renewing a licence of some sort. So do check. There is nothing so frustrating as turning up and finding out you are not on the roll and ineligible to vote.