Monday, 29 August 2011

Hope for the unemployed – but no help from government

Paul is an unemployed driver. He now falls into the category of the long term unemployed. He needs work and finds there is no support for him as a property owner in Jersey.

Unemployment is corrosive of personal morale and of relationships. To survive means depleting savings and them becoming a nuisance by borrowing money from family and friends.

Unemployment is now at an unprecedented level. Action is required by government; active intervention that will provide training, retraining and work schemes. From the government there are statistics, silence and inaction. There must be change.

My blog has been examining the social and economic reality for working people in Jersey.  I have interviewed the disabled, the unemployed, the working poor struggling to make ends meet and pensioners on fixed income in circumstance of rising prices. This is the reality of life in Jersey today. It is one that our complacent mainstream media prefers not to cover.

I shall continue to expose reality and campaign for collective action.

Paul was a van driver and has his own van. He will consider any employment offers if readers want to contact me they will be forwarded -


  1. Excellent video Nick

    Fair play to Paul for coming in front of the camera and explaining his situation. This cant have been easy and I hope more people do speak up about the situation in Jersey.

    The ruling establishment elite aren't interested in what is happening out on the streets nor the stupid lapdog fools who vote and follow them blindly

    I hope things work out for Paul- it could be anyone of us over these coming years


  2. What a breath of fresh air this site is. You are trying to deal with the real issues that affect ordinary people in Jersey.

    When will other candidates stop bickering among themslves and calling each other silly names.
    Unemployment is a very serious problem and so many voters keep quiet because they are afraid of losing their jobs so Nick please keep on interviewing and posting on these really important matters.

    Hope somebody offers Paul a job soon.

  3. George Julian Harney2 September 2011 at 15:05

    Excellent video. Lets hope a benevolant employer offers Paul a position. It would appear that the local income support team is not as comprehensive as we would like, I would guess that lots of similar people are slipping through the welfare net. Perhaps this should become a hot election issue.