Thursday, 18 August 2011

Vote, Hedley, Vote! States of Jersey Elections 2011 - video

Ok, so they are trying to engage us.

One of the curious facts about modern blocks of flats, including those costing over half a million pounds, is that they all seem to have wafer thin doors, so that everything that gets said can be heard in the corridor outside.

As a candidate having knocked on a door on one side of the corridor and then patiently waiting for that on the other side to open, one can hear the occupants reaction to one’s call.

Reaction has varied from “That Mister Le Cornu is definitely for the working man” to “Its that T****r Nick Le Cornu standing for election AGAIN!”

The most amusing response was tonight. A thirty year old man who when asked if he wanted to vote, asked if it was compulsory. Having told him it was not, he declined to register and shut the door. There ensued the following conversation inside the flat –

Woman’s voice: “Who was that?”

Man: “Some guy called Nick Le Cornu and the elections”

Woman’s voice: “Elections?”

Man: “This guy Nick Le Cornu wants to be Prime Minister of Jersey. What the **** do I care!”

I am afraid it is going to take quite a lot of education to win that young man to Democracy. Perhaps there should be a penalty imposed for failing to register to vote. A fine might help some citizens to concentrate the mind. Did I hear you say my first proposition in the new House?

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