Saturday, 20 August 2011

Chateau Lataste 2004 - Vintage voter Registration success continues in No1 St Helier

Mounted on a wine crate, it was nothing but the finest oratory in King Street this morning as the voter registration team registered more potential voters for the elections on 19th October.

Ably assisted by a troupe of Chinese acrobats and Deputy Montfort Tadier on his accordion, the team registered another ten voters in St Helier and St Brelade. We met many old friends and supporters who understood it was Time4Change in Jersey.

Not only were islanders registering to vote, there were offers of assistance for Nick Le Cornu's campaign. A young woman volunteered her bilingual language skills to assist in connecting with the Portuguese community, one that is notoriously difficult to reach.

Another successful day! We shall be back.

Remember, you must have returned a completed voter registration form to your Parish Hall by Noon on Monday 5th September.

Chinese acrobats, proceeded by their loudhailer and drums, provided additional colour on King Street
Entre Nous - Deputy Montfort Tadier engages a fellow French speaker


  1. Was the great Ozo from Gozo among the Chinese acrobats? He is usually the great wall of silence on such public occasions.

    For future reference I suggest you invert the Bordeaux box or you might be demonstrating your own lack of tumbling skills.

  2. It is traditional for politicians to stand on a soapbox and use this as a stage from which to address the crowd. As such things as Sunlight Soap probably are no longer available and certainly not in a wodden box, I used what was conveniently to hand.

    This is Jersey after all and one would not wish to stand on something so common as a soap box, so what better than fine Bordeaux.

    [NOTE: To those without a sense of irony, a distinctive feature of Jersey political culture, these comments should not be construed literally]