Friday, 19 August 2011

Soapbox oratory & Voter Registration by Consistent Democrats – King Street tomorrow – Saturday 20th August 9.30am – 1.30pm

A voter registration team will be in King Street on Saturday morning to sign up islanders to vote in the forthcoming 19th October “General Election”.

Deputy Montfort Tadier, Deputy of St Brelade, District No2 and Nick Le Cornu, candidate for Deputy in St Helier, District No.1, will in addition be practicing their oratory in King Street on the proverbial political shoebox.

Overcoming high levels of voter abstention can only be addressed by direct political engagement.  The rich do not have to be told to go and vote to keep things the same; the working people of Jersey require on-going education that their social and economic interests can only be addressed through democratic participation.

After the rather anemic effort by the official government voter registration campaign last week, Consistent Democrats will be in the middle of King Street showing how it should be done.

As they say – let the dog see the rabbit!


  1. Speaking as a registered voter I hope that you will concentrate more on actual policy proposals when you are in King Street.

    Those of us who really care about politics are sick and tired of all the efforts to attract the sheep who clearly don't give a damn. If they cannot even be bothered to register they are very unlikely to use their vote should you persuade them to register. If they do vote it will probably be for the likes of Shenton and Bailhache so why bother at all.

    Let US, the true political class in Jersey who have already registered hear what YOU actually propose to do after 19 October and we don't want just a load of childish name-calling. We want policy proposals that are worth voting for. GETTIT?

  2. Certainly I shall attempt to address policy issues, as the basis for getting people on the electoral role.

    I trust you will be able to attend and not allow minor personal issues to get in the way of matters of state.

  3. Policy is not personal - it is public and universal.

  4. this is just fantastic that you are being so active , we need this so so so badly ,i thank you all for this action ,everywhere i have been over the last few months i have been trying to get people to vote , fantastic job guys !

  5. Keep going Nick. The best thing is that you live in the Parish you care for so much and that's so important.