Monday, 10 March 2014

REFORM JERSEY - A political party with ambition

Here is the exclusive interview given to Voiceforchildren blog following the election of Sam Mezec and I as Deputies in St Helier District No.1 and No.2 respectively on 5th March 2014.

In the interview we set out our vision of what the political party REFORM JERSEY might be. It will only be possible if the people of Jersey engage and rally to an organisation that has emblazoned on its banner Social Justice and Reform.

The real battle will come in the October 15 General Election - Jersey's first general election when all seats are open to be contested at the same time. The election will most likely be fought under the unreformed Constitution of 1948 with its three categories of States Member - Senator, Deputy and Constable. It’s going to be a messy affair, primarily because the political class has refused to embrace long overdue reforms and create a modern democratic electoral system. They have done so consciously because they fear losing power; they fear the people, who so far have been dulled into a-political indifference over many years.

Clearly this is an historic moment for the island of Jersey. At last the prospect of change is in sight and the agency of that change is REFORM JERSEY. I am honoured and thrilled to participate in this endeavor. Men make their own history but not in circumstances of their own choosing.

Thanks to VFC who has been tirelessly engaged and blogging for progressive politics since 2008.

At last we have a break-through and a brigehead established. The counter attack is sure to come and it will be met.


  1. Great interview. Just tell me when I can sign up to the party and I'll be ready to help

  2. Nick.

    A slight error, you have written that I have been Blogging since 2008. I have been Blogging since 2005 but the Law Office Department got my first Blogsite closed down which is when I moved to Google Blogspot in 2008.