Saturday, 8 March 2014

Deputy Nick Le Cornu, District 1 St Helier – keeping his election promises

During canvassing at La Collette flats in Green Street I fell over on extremely slippery decking outside the low rise flats near the sea. I spoke to the nearby tenants and they indicated their complaints about the danger and a number of falls had not resulted in a permanent solution. The danger remained, so I undertook to resolve the issue once elected.

The decking was power washed on the day after my election and Astro-Turf will be put down.

There is a need for ALL States properties to be subjected to an ACCESS AUDIT by Property Services or some other department using qualified people as soon as possible and the new Housing Association ANDIUM undertake a similar project with all housing units as quickly as possible too. 

A full schedule can then be collated to show what adapted accommodation exists for tenants with disabilities and the States can undertake the long overdue programme of making ALL public buildings accessible to everybody. 

I will also be pressing for a comprehensive Disability Strategy to be prepared – just like that recently agreed in Guernsey with ratification of the UN Convention on the rights of people with Disabilities. 

Thanks to Deputy Green, the Housing Minister, for responding so quickly. We shall monitor further progress as the Astro-Turf is laid and better handrails provided to make this access SAFE!

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