Tuesday, 4 March 2014

TODAY - Please vote LE CORNU & MEZEC in the St Helier by elections WEDNESDAY 5th March

If you live in Districts No.1 and No.2 please give your vote to the REFORM JERSEY candidates NICK LE CORNU and SAM MEZEC.

Only Sam and I can represent the interests of working people who know they are ignored by the poltical class that dominates the States Assembly. If you believe in SOCIAL JUSTICE and in REFORM then these are two good reasons to vote Le Cornu and Mezec.

Voting in District No.1 takes place in the TOWN HALL and in District No.2 at SPRINGFIELD STADIUM 8am to 8pm.


  1. Lovely Picture. Well done Nick. You've led a good campaign - one of the only ones I have seen out and about knocking doors - same with Sam.
    I wish you both well.

  2. Right Wing Tory says:

    Nick, congratulations on you and Sam getting in. Your brand of social justice is desperately needed in Jersey. This comes from a Tory voter who previously proudly voted for Margaret Thatcher....Jersey's establishment are so far to the right of Genghis Khan that even people like me are glad to see you get in rather than another Jersey establishment ultra right wing button presser.

  3. Congratulations old chap, my advice is to make as much noise in there as possible. Ask plenty of questions, make the slimy toads squirm, get yourself in the paper as much as possible to raise your profile and give yourself a good chance at the general election. Enjoy yourself!

  4. Nick.

    The first in-depth, and exclusive interview, with Reform Jersey Members and recently sworn in Deputies Sam Mezec and Nick Le Cornu will be published on VFC soon. In the meantime here is a short TRAILER

  5. Just to say that you were the only one I had a leaflet from and well done for getting in.However,after voting for 30years in St Helier I was unable to vote this time due to some anomaly in my change of address.It was noted by the Greffe as a grey area and needs changing.Sorry but this is not good enough and needs addressing.To be told that I couldn't vote this time and it was only for 6 months and could vote then is totally unacceptable.Maybe this is something you could look into.

    1. I am happy to assist. Please contact me on my email address:


      I believe I was in the Assembly room at the time you made your complaint but was unable to catch you to discuss before you left. Certainly we can make sure you are on the electoral role at the correct address for the October 15 General Election.