Monday, 8 April 2013

Pre-Polling begins in the 24th April Referendum

Pre Poll voting in the 24th April Referendum began today at 9am. The first voter through was a St Brelade Parish Loyalist and she told me she had plumped for one of the Options and not used her second preference vote. I imagine she did not vote for Option A.

The JEP photographer was there like me at 9am awaiting the first voter. He left at about 5 minutes past 9 having asked a member of staff to simulate voting. Anyway, lets hope lots of people use the pre-poll to get the voting done and dusted early.

St Pauls Centre is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, from today onward until 22nd April, which is a half day.


  1. I was there a little later, and I can guarantee you now have one vote for Option A, no second preference.

    1. Well done. Another clever voter who only uses one preference.

      I was putting up posters in a market cafe and was asked by two customers what was Option A. I explained. One was voting A anyway who then persuaded his friend to vote A as well, even though he was thinking of B simply because his wife was going for A. We left the cafe together and headed down to St Pauls Gate where both cast their single vote for Option A. They kindly bought me a beer afterwards. Thanks chaps!.