Friday, 12 April 2013

"A once in a lifetime opportunity to define the basis of our democracy" - Electoral Commission member Dr Jonathan Renouf INTERVIEW

Emile Collins looked on in bronze from his plinth as we filmed an interview with Dr. Jonathan Renouf, an Option A spokesman and former member of the Electoral Commission. Emile would have been proud with what was happening and without a doubt he would be voting Option A on the 24th April were he still with us.

In this short video Dr Renouf sets forth his motivation to come back to his island and get involved in the Option A campaign. He appeared as the “surprise” guest speaker for the A-Team at Communicare St Brelade this evening and his “hustings” speech will be available on this blog in due course. We caught Dr Renouf at a Press Conference at midday today in the Town Hall and asked him to explain why he supported Option A. His answers are succinct and persuasive.

" A Referendum like this does not come along often - the chance to define the whole underlying basis of your democracy (is) a once in a lifetime opportunity - what a shame to miss this opportunity to have a say."

"At root its really very simple - if you support Option A, it is because you believe the electoral system should be based on fairness and equality."

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  1. I wasn't able to attend the meeting at Communicare. Can you briefly outline how it compared with the one the night before? I understand at St.Saviours, Sam Mezec was clearly the best speaker and won the clapometer hands down for Option A. Was it the same in Communicare? Option B and Option C tweets suggest they did awfully well but they would tweet that. Thank you :-)