Thursday, 19 April 2012

70.5% Turnout!! Guernsey put us to shame.

So what is the problem with the Jersey political system that in a district like No 1 St Helier around 60% of registered electors do not vote? How can there be such a vast difference from Guernsey with this morning’s general election turnout of 70.50%? One district, The West, achieved an amazing figure of 76%.

Guernsey is contemplating a return to some form of island wide election, but the results with 7 districts electing around six candidates each, seems to have the electorate engaged.

It’s interesting that Senator Bailhache's electoral commission has sought to exclude the issue of voter turnout from its remit. The disparity between Jersey and Guernsey is such an embarrassment for the defenders of the status quo, let alone the "lets have a States made up of Constables and a few others" brigade.


  1. Your phantom video is back - but more importantly is that the Guernsey government is now ALL Deputies.
    The Conseillers - equivalent of Senators - were abolished years ago and the Douzainiers - equivalent of Parish Constables - were removed from the States about 5 years ago. They now attend to their Parish duties only and hey presto! Guernsey not only has the ability to run a true general election, removing a considerable number of existing dead heads but it's a result achieved from a % number that would have pleased even Australia (where voting is obligatory).

    Not only that, but Guernsey's economy is in a far better state then Jersey's so it seems - without GST - and the bus service must be the cheapest this side of the Pecos.

    Eat your old fashioned Jersey heart out Sir Pip - the writing is on the wall.

  2. The problem here is that everyone knows that no matter who gets elected nothing will ever change. It's ridiculous having the constables sitting in the states, they should be getting on with their parochial duties but of course PB and others rely on their 'block votes'.

  3. I think having one type of States Member must help simplify things. Their system also means that everyones vote is worth roughly the same, unlike Jersey where in St Mary your vote is worth 3 times as much as someone in St Helier. Also they have been given an opportunity to actually vote and pass judgement on their Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister. See how well that went for them!

  4. I was working on the live online coverage for BBC Guernsey - the total overall turnout was actually 71.4% in the end - although the number of people registering to vote was down.

    There were a number of calls for the return of island wide voting with some people spoiling their ballot in protest (writing Island Wide on it).

    What impressed me was the level of engagement - there are hardly any posters around the island but everyone was talking about it and twitter was buzzing throughout the night.

    Adrian Lee also said that since 2004 (in two elections) two thirds of the house has changed.

  5. nick can i ask do you have anything to do with sstag

  6. According to the Guernsey Press of which I have a copy in my hand the turnout was 70.8% so who do we believe?