Friday, 30 March 2012

“Friends and mates” - the Electoral Commission selects its lay members.

A short list of 9 persons for the three non States member positions on the Jersey Electoral Commission has been drawn up out of 25 applicants. We may never know who applied and whether they did so with any genuine hope, but the list of nine will no doubt appear soon.

When the Electoral Commission was first mooted last year there was a belief that it might take a fresh look at the stalled process of democratic reform and reinvigorate the initiative laid down in 2000 by the Clothier Report. It was a short lived hope.

This stage in the selection of three “lay” candidates for the Electoral Commission offers some insights into what has been happening and is likely to continue in the future. The letter to unsuccessful candidates (see below) explicitly states that the “chosen” have been selected by none other that the Commission chairman, Senator Bailhache and a member of PPC. That member it should be noted is not the chairman of PPC, but Senator Sara Ferguson, a loyal supporter of Senator Bailhache. If those chosen  turn out to be simply friends and pals that share similar views and vision, it should come as no surprise. Once independence was lost and States Members controlled the process the Commission’s legitimacy was always going to be suspect.

The Electoral Commission has become and will remain highly contentious in a way that the Clothier and Carswell enquiries never were. Every step in the process will be contested. Democratic political forces in the island realised quite quickly what was happening and organised themselves to mount a resistance. That will continue, as no doubt will the scepticism of cynics to unfolding events.


  1. Ha ha ha! What on earth made you think they would select you? What want balanced politic views not bloody mental ones!

    1. Balanced political views like Senator Bailhache?

  2. I did not apply. You made a false assumption. This letter belongs to one of the 16 dejected.

  3. Why not run a competition to predict the chosen ones?
    How about Pierre Horsfall, the Coffee Shop man Warr and any one of the Jersey lawyer clones except Philip Sinel.
    Perhaps a female lawyer to be seen as really progressive.

  4. Nick, what do you make of the 3 being proposed in P.39 today?

  5. Good job I didn't put my shirt on these three selections.
    But I have a horse for the National - pity that Sen Bailhache wants to distance himself and the rest of us from the old country though. Perhaps he will propose Jersey's own National at Les Landes?

  6. Some bog standard working people with integrity,and all that would be required....the kind of people who scare the shit out of the omnipotent.....for the control freaks and power junkies are terrified of anything that has moral fibre,so degenerate are they.